From the Idea to the Project

  • Detailed training documentation
  • Top location incl. set lunch, catering during breaks and dinner
  • Exclusive access to a Planisware environment hosted by Patch & Sparks so that participants can stay in practice even after the seminar
  • Permanent access to the Patch & Sparks Planisware webinars

2 days , Time will be announced

Project managers, Innovation managers, Portfolio managers

As all participants work on the tool in a hands-on fashion, they need to bring a Wi-Fi capable computer. If this is not possible please contact us.

The seminar takes the form of classical classroom training with a strong focus on practical exercises. A fully developed business case provides the thread which illustrates how Planisware works, showing how the theory is put into effect.

Seminar goals

You will learn how to use Planisware in supporting and steering the process of innovation within your company: from ideas via initiatives right across to successfully completed projects

Ideas management …
In order to remain competitive, companies need to set themselves a target of exploiting to the full the potential of innovative and forward-looking staff who continuously wish to optimise what has already been achieved. With an integrated system such as Planisware companies can enable their personnel in a simple way to communicate their ideas, share and evaluate them with colleagues and identify the best ideas in a transparent way so that these can – as a next step – be put into practice.

… via the creation of initiatives based on the most promising ideas ….
Initiatives are potential projects, the implementation of which in concrete form is considered by the company. The evaluation of these initiatives as a basis for decisions on further steps represents an important component of an effective project portfolio management strategy.

… to the successful implementation of projects.

Seminar contents

  • Basic know-how relating to Planisware
  • Ideas campaigns – the professional entry to the seminar
  • Comprehensive development of ideas campaigns
    • Creating and processing the campaign, incl. automatic import from Word documents
    • Collection, presentation and transparent evaluation of ideas o Subsequent integration of ideas into existing campaigns
    • Launching project initiatives from ideas
    • Conclusion of campaigns
  • Project initiatives – putting the idea to the test
    • Drawing up and planning the initiatives on a Gantt chart and other project management tools
    • Integration of the Stage & Gate method, together with approval, into a development project
  • Working within the project
    • Working with project templates as fixed standards
    • Detailed planning of the project with the aid of standard PM tools such as the project structure plan (PSP), network planning techniques (PERT), bar chart (Gantt) and critical path
    • Working with activity lists
    • Delegation of responsibility on the basis of work packages in Planisware
    • Planning of resources, costs and yields
    • Project approval on the basis of baselines and budget availability
    • Project follow-up, including integration of actual time involved, residual value planning (ETC), updating the project timeline, analysis of milestone trends, earnedvalue calculation
    • Project status reporting, including presentations generated automatically from Planisware
    • Simulation of various scenarios by means of project versions
    • Administration of project documentation
    • Approvals and completion of the project on the basis of the Stage & Gate method

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