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If you’re seeking to enhance your business processes and boost revenue while cutting costs, Planisware is your solution. This acclaimed project and portfolio management software ensures an enhanced user experience, heightened user acceptance, and amplified productivity. Crafted specifically for your needs, it guarantees tailored solutions.
As an internationally active IT and consulting company, we specialize in assisting enterprises and individuals like yourself in the seamless implementation and integration of Planisware. Our expertise extends beyond just Planisware implementation; we offer comprehensive services such as project consulting, innovation management, and proficiency in data science & AI. Elevate your business with our holistic approach to optimizing workflows and achieving unparalleled efficiency, all while harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to propel your success.

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Optimal results through professional support.

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Planisware Operations

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Data Science / AI

Adding value from your data? We provide this.

Data Science / AI

Consulting Solutions

Solutions, that fit your needs.

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“(…) As a follow up to the successful roll-out of Scenario Planning Ph2 , I really would like to acknowledge the excellent work you have provided for the development of the new features. Your expertise was instrumental and I am extremely satisfied with your contribution.Most importantly, the interaction was very productive and it would not have not been as efficient without the 2-way communication and the interactive feedback turnover. (…)”

Odile Chomienne - F. Hoffmann-La-Roche Ltd
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“From user support and implementation through to method and tool training – Patch & SParks covers all tasks. The thing that particularly persuaded me was wide ranging experience and, where it was required, a prodound knowledge of all of Planisware’s applications.”

Peter Orel - Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Logo Innovation Framework Technologie

“We made the right decision by awarding the contract to the certified Planisware service provider Patch & Sparks: Implementation and user training was carried out in a narrow time frame and was practical in terms of its relevance.”

Patrick Ternier - CEO, Innovation Framework Technologies


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It is experience that you can trust and service that you can count on.

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