Over 150 of the top 2000 companies worldwide (in various branches such as pharmaceuticals, engineering, finance, and IT) have placed their trust in Planisware. Find out how you can also utilise all of Planisware’s features to optimize your company’s profitability!

Your individual Planisware test run

Active listening, developing, implementing, testing, launching and accompanying – these are the pillars of our introductory projects which put Planisware on stream in your company, step by step.

Your requirements define the scope and functionalities of Planisware. Following intensive consultation, we will develop your Planisware package in a customised way and implement it in your system environment.

Within the scope of an introductory project, we run a pilot phase to ensure that the requirements are reflected, as desired, and that users get on board at an early stage.

When everything is running smoothly, the roll out takes place and then the commissioning. In addition, we offer live support to Planisware users after ‘going live’.

This is Planisware, just as it is required

On an individual basis, Planisware supports your business just as you need it to – regardless of whether only small change requests are needed, new functionalities are available within the scope of a release change or a whole re-implementation is pending. We will integrate Planisware into your company in such a way that it optimally supports your processes. At the same time, the sole aim of our business is not to scoop up ‘big plan’ re-implementations in our order book, but to present the “Planisware” instrument as familiarly as possible. In the case of new versions, we are happy to be of assistance with new functionalities. This way, it is a sure thing that you will not disregard any success factor.

User support and more

The focus of this service: User Support and the adoption of administrative tasks. You can benefit from customized Planisware user support on site or – more convenient for you: via remote access. This way, you have professional user support in relation to your company’s specific Planisware environment.

Furthermore, bug analysis and bug tracking are carried out in a targeted way. Bugs are precisely analyzed and corrected in order to ensure that a fault-free process is continued within a narrow time frame. In order that other areas of your business run smoothly and for you to be freed up in your core activities, we take on administrative duties upon request, e.g. taking care of interfaces, system data administration and many other tasks.