Data Science / AI

Data Science / AI

More knowledge. Better decisions.


Data Science – because your data can do a lot more. 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, if you look in the right place there might be. Data science allows us to delve into the seemingly endless depths of your data, decipher the unknown and unlock its hidden value. How about being able to predict the failure of machine parts and improve the timing of your maintenance operations? Or knowing whom to present your product to and increase the chance of closing a sale? Or maybe even automating some of your business processes?

Got you interested? Then let’s take a look at your data together. The methods of data science and machine learning make sense for every company that has to make daily decisions on the basis of large amounts of data. Some of the most prominent industries include logistics, finance and insurance, ecommerce, industrial applications and manufacturing… and possibly yours?

Make more efficient decisions – You have what it takes.

Your daily operations supply the data. We do the translation: Our analysts and programmers convert your data into efficient process structures and enable insight into the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

This is how it works. With a fundamental understanding of your industry’s challenges and a detailed appreciation of where your company stands within this context, we are able to identify the key drivers to improved performance within your business.

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This is how we refine your data.

You can gain valuable insights from the data you already have. After an intense inquiry into your situation, the focus of our service revolves around model development and the programming of the suggested implementation.

The implementation is comprised of methods from mathematics, computer science, probability theory and statistics. These methods form the theoretical base of our programming solutions and allow for the largest possible gain of information from your data situation.

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Still looking for your data edge? Get inspired by our Use Cases!

Quality Analytics

Measure machine efficiency.

Predicting downtimes? That’s possible. With machine learning, you can gain insights that were previously withheld from you.


Financial Analytics

Minimize payment defaults.

Using state-of-the-art methods of classification, the default of credit card debts can be predicted. Sounds good right?


Customer Analytics

Streamline customer acquisition.

Forget cold calling and advertising. Get to your next customer with the help of AI. Find out how!


Recommender System

Increase shopping cart value.

Less is more: Recommend specific products to your customers and thus avoid the “paradox of choice”.