Planisware Operations

Planisware Operations

Why not have it all in one hand? Benefit from our Planisware Operations full-service package and let our Planisware certified consultants take care of everything.

Administration Tasks

Patch & Sparks consultants are trained to handle
all Administration Tasks in Planisware, such as

○ Maintaining and updating master data, for example,
Resource Availability, Currency Exchange Rates,
System Settings, Equations for Resource
and Cost Forecasting, etc.

○ Monitoring Interfaces and Batches

○ Applying Planisware fixes for OTDs

Key User Activities

Patch & Sparks consultants are trained to handle
all Key User Activities in Planisware, such as

○ Setting up and maintaining Project Templates
and Activity Libraries

○ Conducting customer specific QC tasks
and Analysis of data in Planisware

○ Organizing regular touch-base meetings with Planisware Users

○ Defining new requirements based on User Feedback

User Support

What does that mean?

○ Usually Tier 3 – Third-Level-Support,
very seldomly Tier 2 – Second-Level-Support

○ Contractually defined support hours

○ Contractually defined SLAs