Customer Analytics

Example of customer acquisition: Customer segmentation

Customer Analytics

Icon - Customer Acquisition $Exercise:
Efficient customer acquisition requires an experienced marketing team – plus an extensive analysis of target groups, a lot of advertising, intelligent search engine optimisation and endless frustrating phone calls. This all requires a lot of staff, time and effort. Or: Artificial intelligence!


Icon - AIProcedure:
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we carry out a semi-automated collection of publicly and commercially available data on companies from which we generate a data set for evaluation. After carefully processing and cleaning the data, the model is able to produce the desired insight.


Icon - Data EngineeringGoal:
Customer acquisition can be carried out with clearly less manpower by estimating the probability of a particular company becoming a new customer. Your existing human capital can then rather be used for the long-term care of those newly won customers.


Icon - Staff Expenses $Conclusion:
The implementation of an automated classification allows for the cutting of personnel expenses in the process of acquiring new customers – this allows for additional capacity in the development of other areas.



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